Some of the Parts is a Toronto-based line whose design intention is to make accessories that make what you already have just that much better.

We are busy city people and the shape of our lives is the greatest inspiration to what we make and how we make it. 

Here is a list of the things we like and dislike. 

We care more about giving new life to the things you already have.

People deserve decent wages and a safe place to live.  Communities are worth building. 

Small is not the only way to describe this business.  We prefer careful, caring, intentional, and local. 

We design and make in Canada.  We don’t like it when brands waive the maple leaf but manufacture elsewhere. 

We are intrigued by the idea of leather-free bags.  Not a lot of people do it in a way we like.  Rather than try to find a leather-ish material, we just decided to go in a different direction.  Our hope is that our bags are a sportier version of the bags you see in luxury retail and a sexier version of the bags you see in outdoor adventure/enviro-friendly retailers. 

Zippers break.  We avoid zippers.

Completely by accident, we designed bags that work particularly well on wheelchairs.  This opened our eyes and we are now keen on having conversations

Restraint is hard.  Don’t disrespect it.  More often than not, the results of restraint are very elegant.

We are very aware of what increased operations in manufacturing do to the retail price.  The fact is that people are super mindful of price, we want to be able to compete.  We want our retailers to choose our products and smart pricing is a part of that.