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Introducing the Project Bag.

At the request and suggestion of my pals of the Observatory Shop, this is the Some of the Parts version of a project bag. It is gonna work and it's gonna be chic. 

It looks like a fantastic clutch and will work for many projects, such as hanging out.  
There is a little pocket in the lining for tiny scissors, a phone, whatever.

There is a detachable strap because that seems fair.

Be in knitting, rock collecting, love letter hiding, lipstick hoarding, this is the bag for exactly that project.

Some of the Parts buys all its inputs from Canadian companies with the exception of the wax cotton.  That fabric is imported from the USA from a mill that has been making waxed fabric for generations.  Made in Toronto at three local factories. 

Brilliant materials used to make this bag:

14 oz wax cotton canvas on the outside.  
Water-repellent nylon on the inside. 
Our webbing is 100% nylon.  We use the good stuff. 



1) Can I fit an iPAD in this bag? 

Pretty much, yeah. 

2) How long is the strap? 

From end to end, the strap is 40.5 inches and it is made of 2 inch wide nylon webbing.  There are lobster, swivel clips to attach to the bag.

3) Why do you only have three colour ways?

Because it is easier to add salt to soup, than to take it out.
I can make more colours, but let's see how these go.
Also, these are three of my most popular colourways.  

4) What colour strap does the project bag come with? 

Great question.
Burgundy + Pink comes with a Navy Strap.
Tan + Tan comes with a Tan Strap.
Grey + Tan comes with a Tan strap. 

5) Can this bag be attached to a wheelchair or assistive device? 

Yes, please let us know what kind of wheel chair or device you have been prescribed and we will do our best to accommodate you.  Some of the Parts provides these clips and straps for free to people with disabilities who purchase one of our bags. 

6) How long do I have to wait for my bag?

It takes us about a week to put them together. We make all the outsides and insides ahead of time.  When we get an order, we let the sewers know and they put them together.  We print all the shipping labels and bring them to the factory.  When your bag is ready, it goes into the mail. Voila!

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